Friday Morning Laughs: Baby Flexes Muscles, Goldblum Strips Down

You've made it to Friday! Welcome. We found some gems this week. See Jeff Goldblum sell light bulbs and The Simpsons go truly bizarre with its opening gag.

Happy Friday! This was a good week for laughs. The Simpsons and Saturday Night Live premiered, giving us a couple of gems. And, for some reason, Jeff Goldblum decided to strip down to sell light bulbs. Definitely an interesting week.

The Simpsons Couch Gag

If you saw The Simpsons premiere last weekend, you already know that the opening couch gag was a bit bizarre. Watch it a couple of times to truly appreciate its weirdness.


Jeff Goldblum Does a Commercial… in His Underwear

You can’t deny that Jeff Goldblum is awesome. The was The Fly and apparent “eye candy” in Jurassic Park. Recently, he’s probably best known for his recurring shop-owner character on Portlandia. Perhaps it goes without saying that seeing the man in his underwear in an ad for GE light bulbs might be his most bizarre role yet.


Australians Eat American Junk Food

For some reason, a few Australians decided to try American junk food for the first time. Some of them love it, others find it odd. Funny, nonetheless.


Pete Davidson Debuts on SNL

Pete Davidson, a newcomer to Saturday Night Live this season, had a breakout moment in his first Weekend Update commentary. The 20-year-old is the first SNL cast member born in the 90s and has a nontraditional approach to business.


Muscle Baby

This adorable baby flexes his muscles in the mirror with his dad. Dare you not to smile.

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