Friday Morning Laughs: Baby Meets Twins | Doggie Nightmares

Happy Friday! Here are our picks for the top viral videos of the week, featuring a confused baby and a caring pup.

Happy Friday! We’re back for another edition of Friday Morning Laughs on this chilly morning. This week, we bring you a confused baby and a caring dog, who saves his friend from a bad dream.

On Tuesday, YouTube created a crazy mash-up of the past year’s viral moments. You can check that out here. And now, without further ado…

Adorably confused baby meets twins

Landon meets twins for the first time — is understandably (and adorably) confused.

The Ragtime Gals: Sexual Healing (w/ Steve Carell)

Jimmy Fallon is a staple in this feature, only because he’s always trending on YouTube (not to mention bringing a smile to our faces). Here, Fallon and Carell bring you their decidedly unsexy rendition of the steamy jam:

Dog Comforts Pal Having Bad Dream

Laika rescued her friend Jackson from a nightmare with cuddles. Want more cuteness? The pups are on Instagram.

Your Wishes Delivered: Driver for a Day

This video from UPS shows 4-year-old Carson, an aspiring UPS driver thanks to his friendship with Mr. Ernie. UPS and Mr. Ernie do their best to make Carson’s dreams come true, with heartwarming results.

Calgary’s Worst Driver

Depending on your disposition, this video could make you laugh. It also could induce vicarious road rage.

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