Friday Morning Laughs: Cat on a Leash, Carlton Does ‘The Carlton’

Happy Friday! Don't miss these video gems. We found a cat that does not like leashes, how to do "The Carlton" and what women can do to get equal pay.

You’ve made it to Friday again. Congrats! This week we learn what makes a teenage alter-ego go “Ew,” why a cat on a leash just does not work, why Facebook murders Snapchat,  how to do “The Carlton” and how women can close the gender pay gap. Enjoy!

Jimmy Fallon and Rap as Their Alter-Egos

Jimmy and’s teenage-girl alter-egos (Sara and rap about things they think are “Ew!”

Snapchat Murders Facebook

New York City filmmaker Casey Neistat decided to prove why the fuss over Snapchat is valid by doing a couple of experiments with a friend.

Simon the Cat Refuses to Dog

Cats should not be walked on leashes, and the this video of Simon the Cat is proof.

‘Carlton’ Does ‘The Carlton’

Alfonso Ribeiro finally gives America what it wants. Best known for his Fresh Prince of Belair character, Charlton, Ribeiro embraces the role that made him famous by doing his namesake dance on Dancing with the Stars.

Sarah Silverman Promotes Equal Pay

In an ad for the Equal Payback Project, comedian Sarah Silverman suggests that crowdfunding is the one way women can close the gender pay gap. Still, she decides the easiest way to be paid the same as a dude, is to, well, become a dude. This one is a bit NSFW, guys.

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