Friday Morning Laughs: Many Dogs, One Cat and a Lesson In Playing it Cool

This week in viral videos, a puppy cuddles with a baby. Need we say more?

Happy Friday! It’s almost Christmas, which means you are having a quiet day in the office or already on holiday (lucky you!). May we interest you in some dogs at the dinner table? We know you want to see a puppy snuggle with a baby. For those who are unimpressed with baby-plus-puppy cuteness (yes you, you Grinch), please see the amazing feat of a man controlling two prosthetic arms with his own brain.

13 Dogs and 1 Cat Eating with Human Hands

Reminiscent of John Oliver’s dog supreme court (except with opposable thumbs for utensils), this FreshPet ad trended on YouTube this week. It features all the characters you would expect at a holiday dinner, except more adorable.

Excellent recovery

Playing it cool after an unfortunate slip…

Post by Paz.

Baby Dog Wants To Take a Nap With His Baby Owner

And now, your requisite puppy-plus-baby video.

Derby the dog: Running on 3D Printed Prosthetics

Derby was born without front legs. In this video, you get to see the pup as 3D-printed prosthetics allow him to run for the very first time. Skip to 2:00 to see him happily trotting along on the sidewalk.

Amputee Makes History with APL’s Modular Prosthetic Limb

This video made its rounds on the Web this week, showing Les Baugh controlling bionic arms WITH HIS MIND. Baugh lost both his arms in an electrical accident four decades ago, and is the first person to wear and control two prosthetic limbs.

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