Friday Morning Laughs: Texting Goes Too Far, Swift’s Cat Gets Insulted

Happy Friday! Watch Taylor Swift's cat gets an insult and Bill Hader breaks character as Stefon on SNL. Enjoy!

Happy Friday! We’ve got a few gems for this you week. Watch what happens when text message emotions overtake a man, Bill Hader breaks character and Taylor Swift’s cat is insulted. We also threw some grammar and yoga in there. Enjoy!

Text Message Confusion

Ever misread the emotion behind a text? Of course you have. We all have. This clip from Key & Peele exaggerates those emotions just a smidge.


Stefon Returns to SNL

Even though SNL reportedly had its lowest rating ever last weekend, I think we can all be thankful that host Bill Hader, a former cast member, brought back his most beloved character, Stefon. (And for those who might not know who MTV’s Dan Cortese is, here you go.)


John Cleese Disses Taylor Swift’s Cat

Actor John Cleese and singer Taylor Swift appeared on The Graham Norton Show on BBC America this week. Things got a little awkward when Cleese made fun of Swift’s cat.


Your Grammar Sucks

This is for all of the grammar nerds out there. After watching this, you might wonder if we will, in fact, end up in an Idiocracy reality. Perhaps we’re already there…


Hummingbird Pose

I had to introduce a different piece of the world to Wai Lana this week. She was discovered early one morning on a PBS station. She’s fantastic. End your week with a little hummingbird pose. Your upper back and shoulders will thank you.

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