Friday Photo: Meta-Photography

“New Work #42” by Jordan Tate

If a picture’s worth a thousand words, what does a picture of a picture—of photography equipment—go for these days? Ponder this and more borderline tautological questions about image-making and the role of novel technology in contemporary photography with “New Work #42” by Jordan Tate, who when not photographing photographs (and myriad other things) works as an assistant professor of art at the University of Cincinnati and edits the feast-for-the-eyes blog I Like This Art. Aperture Foundation, which selected Tate as a finalist in its 2010 Portfolio Prize competition, is now offering this meta-photo as a limited-edition print. The image is part of Tate’s New Work series, which he describes as “an exploration of visual language and process.” Notes the photographer, “In a sense it is an examination of how we see, what we see, what merits being seen, and how images function in contemporary visual culture.” Click here to view more from the series.

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