F+W Media Launches Subscription Service for Art eBooks

F+W Media announced today that they’re launching a new subscription service for art enthusiasts.

The new service, which is part of the Artist’s Network, is going to be entirely focused on the one content niche. This is a natural expansion of the Artist’s Network, which offers numerous blogs, books, videos, and other content for every skill level from enthusiast to pro.

“Two key issues in the illustrated book space are device neutral availability and discoverability. We think our new ebook subscription sites offer a solution to both challenges. With the release of myriad devices and formats, number of online vendors, and confusing search functionality, consumers often get lost in the ebook space,” said David Nussbaum, Chairman & CEO, F+W Media.

The subscription costs $200 a year and it offers access to more than 120 full-color art instruction titles from F+W Media’s publishing imprints. You can read the eBooks in a Flash enabled web browser, and there are also Android and iOS apps in the works.

F+W Media plans to launch similar subscription services in other content areas.

Artist’s Network eBooks

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