G5 Entertainment Releases Survivors: The Quest on iPad

Survivors: The QuestG5 Entertainment has announced the release of Survivors: The Quest, its newest free-to-play game on iPad devices. The game stars three playable characters, trapped on a deserted (but once populated) island after their plane crashes and everyone else disappears. The island is inhabited by ghosts, and old buildings speak to its history as a scientific research facility. Players will need to take care of their survivors, ensuring their needs are met, while working to uncover the mystery of the island and ultimately find a way to escape.

Each character in Survivors: The Quest has “need” bars relating to their comfort, hunger, fun and stamina levels. Every action consumes some stamina, but players can regain this by sleeping. If characters are hungry, they can eat coconuts and other food found on the island, or, if they’re bored, they can perform a leisure activity to boost their mood, and so on. These bars are related and connected in specific ways. The hungrier the character, for instance, the faster their stamina drains.

Most of the game’s tasks take time to complete, but this can be skipped using premium currency. In other instances, players may need to find hidden items in boxes, on top of tables, and more. Here, premium currency can be used to instantly point out the key item, or players can choose to keep looking until they find the item(s) themselves (for free).

Users can gather items to complete collections over time, and can help their survivors grow closer through team-building exercises. These relationships have an impact on how quickly groups of characters can complete actions requiring more than one hero to complete.

As of this launch, G5 says there’s enough content here to last players “weeks,” but content updates will extend the game’s life going forward. Survivors: The Quest is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store.