G5 Entertainment’s Mahjong Journey Launches on iPad

Mahjong JourneyG5 Entertainment has announced the release of its newest free-to-play game on iPad devices: Mahjong Journey. The mahjong puzzle game is set in multiple locations, from the Forbidden City to the Taj Mahal, and offers over 120 levels to complete and 132 different tile types to match. These tiles can be cleared by making matches with tiles possessing at least one free side, regardless of their location within complex configurations.

In each level of Mahjong Journey, players start with a large set of tiles, with many stacked on top of one another for challenge. Players look for two tiles with the same symbol, and can tap on them to clear them from the board. Levels continue until players have uncovered the golden tiles, and have matched them to clear the stage. If players run out of moves, they lose one of their lives, which recharge automatically over time.

Many levels ask players to simply clear tiles at their leisure, but others are more complicated, and may ask players to clear tiles before running out of time, as one example.Mahjong JourneyWhile the mahjong gameplay is traditional for the genre, the game does offer additional boosters to help players advance. This includes an undo button for returning tiles to the board, an eye for highlighting all “active” tiles for a short period of time (active tiles being those with at least one free side), a hint for highlighting any two matching tiles and so on. Users can also activate auto-zoom, which sees the camera automatically move around the board, and zoom is as the number of individual tiles on the board decreases.

The faster players complete each stage, the more stars they’ll earn for the level (up to three). Players will earn over 20 achievements as they play the game, and G5 promises hundreds of additional levels (and new tile types) will be added in future updates.

Mahjong Journey is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store for iPad. The game is supported via in-app purchases.