In the Works: A TV Series About Hearst, Pulitzer

Harkening back to the days of 1890s New York newspaper journalism

PulitzerGoldThis one sounds like something of a risky proposition. But of course, here at FishbowlNY we have a vested interest in it being greenlit and meeting with ratings success.

From our sister publication THR, news of an intriguing in-development TV drama project spearheaded by Gail Berman:

Set in the world of “yellow journalism” in New York in the 1890s, Park Row follows the newspaper circulation wars between the two most powerful media titans of the day — Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst. The show moves from Gilded Age palaces and yachts to filthy streets and dark alleys. It follows Pulitzer, Hearst, their families, mistresses, friends, enemies and reporters who, with the modern media weapons of sensationalism, spectacle and self-promotion, chronicled the sex, violence, brutality and corruption of the day, selling a lot of newspapers and making a lot of money.

Selling a lot of newspapers and making a lot of money. Those were the days.

Berman, a former president of Fox Broadcasting entertainment, is teamed on this one with Robert Rodat, whose credits include TNT’s Falling Skies, Saving Private Ryan and more. She started up her banner The Jackal Group last summer. And there’s no doubt the character of Hearst, all these years after Citizen Kane, remains a compelling one. As biographer David Nasaw once put it:

“Hearst was a huge man with a tiny voice; a shy man who was most comfortable in crowds; a war hawk in Cuba and Mexico but a pacifist in Europe; an autocratic boss who could not fire people; a devoted husband who lived with his mistress; a Californian who spent half his life in the East.”

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