L.A. Weekly Writer Contemplates Her TV Celebrity Cousin

You may know Gail Simmons from the Bravo show Top Chef and same-network spinoff Just Desserts. Perhaps you have purchased her brand new book Talking With My Mouth Full.

But what you surely don’t know about Simmons, unless you have already read this L.A. Weekly item, is that she is also the cousin of article author Tibby Rothman. The reporter takes about seven paragraphs to get to that fact, and moves on hilariously from there:

Then, in 2008, the ultimate blow. There she was, younger, getting married. Me, the don’t-have-an-agenda girl, still bereft of a ring. Family intervention got me on a plane to New York. The in-flight entertainment featured Top Chef. I watched CNN.

Tons more great detail in the Rothman piece, from the food items disgorged from her cousin’s carry-on bag to Simmons’ humble career beginnings as a fact checker at a Canadian publication.

We also love how Rothman describes the lobby lounge of the Beverly Hills hotel where Simmons stayed while in town for her Red Medicine restaurant book release party. A place “afloat in screenplays, and matzo ball soup will run you $12.”

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