Game Insight Releases Maritime Kingdom on iOS

Maritime KingdomThe Tribez & Castlez developer Game Insight has announced the launch of Maritime Kingdom on iOS devices. The game takes players to a Renaissance-style world, where they’ll build a port by trading goods, engaging in diplomatic relations and more. Appropriately, the game plays in a similar style to The Tribez franchise, as players assign tasks to their workers and complete quests for key story characters.

In Maritime Kingdom, players become the mayor of a new port town, helping a princess create a major empire and fleet of ships. Players have a limited number of workers available to complete tasks, but will recruit more workers as they build more huts. These workers can then be assigned to complete secondary tasks in production buildings, like a fisherman’s hut or a logger’s hut (as examples). These buildings contain timed tasks, with longer tasks resulting in more rewards (these longer tasks are locked until players upgrade the individual buildings).

The fisherman’s hut is used to produce food, while the logger’s hut is used to make lumber, and so on. These resources (and others) are then used to complete additional tasks or construct new buildings, continuing the game’s cycle and progression. Players can complete over 350 quests to start, and will quickly expand their town to the point of unlocking sea trading.Maritime Kingdom 2This feature opens up the world map, where players can send their ships to different countries to trade resources. Over time, players will unlock over 30 resources, including items like coal and marble, with each port having changing demands for the items they’d like to purchase. Players can expand their land to hold more production facilities, and will even be able to defeat pirates and enemy ships as their empire grows.

Players can spend premium currency to speed up timed tasks and shipping trips, or instantly clear debris from the land to make room for new buildings (among other in-app purchase options). The game gives some of this premium currency away for free via an achievements system, which contains tasks players will likely complete automatically over time (like collecting a large amount of wood or food, as examples).

Maritime Kingdom is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store.