Game Insight’s Transport Empire Comes to Facebook

Transport EmpireFollowing a release on mobile devices, Game Insight’s Transport Empire has arrived on Facebook. The game sees players expanding their railroad business into a multifaceted corporation, transporting goods from town to town via locomotives, airships and steamships. Players start with a few trains, but will eventually unlock multiple locomotives, will expand their network to reach new production facilities, and more.

In Transport Empire, players start by assigning trains to collect resources and deliver them between towns. Different resources, like lumber and coal, may require different kinds of train cars, and each route requires a different amount of time to complete. The longer the contract, the more profit players earn, and vice versa.

Players can upgrade their production facilities to increase their productivity over time, and they can speed up the construction time of these upgrades (usually) with free coins or materials. Other speed boosts may cost premium currency, depending on the item.

Gamers are led through Transport Empire by a quest series, which sees them meeting new characters, expanding their network to a larger number of outposts (including uncovering new pieces of land, which are initially covered with clouds), and more.

As players make progress, they eventually unlock access to two additional transportation systems: steamships and airships. Furthermore, players unlock addition individual vehicles over time, so they can complete more tasks at once. That is, they may earn a third locomotive slot, so three train routes can be active at the same time.

Transport Empire is available to play for free on Facebook. The game is also available on the iTunes App Store, Google Play and the Amazon Appstore.