Gameblyr’s Endless Jumper Spirefall Launches on iOS

SpirefallZengrams publisher Gameblyr has announced the release of Spirefall on iOS devices. The endless jumper challenges players to jump between platforms surrounding an endless vertical cylinder, avoiding obstacles in an attempt to reach as high as possible without failing. Each game is procedurally generated, and presents players with a different experience, as the layout of platforms and obstacles is different in each game.

In Spirefall, players use directional buttons on the left side of the screen, along with a jump button on the right side, to control their friendly blob in the world. Players must jump between platforms as fast as they can, before the bottom falls out underneath them. Some platforms crumble after they’re touched, while others offer bounce pads and other launchers that send the blob quickly upward.

Obstacles include both stationary and moving spikes, fire walls, falling platforms and many more. If players hit a single obstacle, they lose one of their three lives and can begin again where they left off. When all three lives are lost, it’s game over and players can share their scores with friends on Facebook or Twitter.

Players will collect currency (food cans) as they jump, which is carried across games and can be spent on a second chance once players lose their three lives. Players can purchase more food cans with real money, or can ask their Facebook friends to send them some cans for free.

“Spirefall provides unique challenges every time you play and is a great throwback to the games we grew up on,” said Marco Mereu, CEO of Gameblyr, in a statement. “Gameplay is still king, and Spirefall will put a smile on your face, guaranteed. We hope people enjoy competing with their friends for high scores and look forward to seeing if anyone can scale the tower.”

Spirefall is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store. A premium upgrade removes the game’s ads for $1.99.