Gamegos Releases Magic Drops Puzzle Game on Facebook

Magic DropsFashland developer Gamegos has launched its newest title on Facebook, a match-three puzzle game called Magic Drops. The game takes players on an adventure with a wise owl named Owlin, whose potions have been destroyed. Users will need to cook new potions to replace those that were lost, and will do so by collecting the proper ingredients, or magical drops, in each level.

Each level of Magic Drops has a different overall goal and board layout. A basic level, for instance, may ask players to collect a large number of a particular color (or colors) of drop before running out of moves. As levels become more complicated, players may be asked to remove bushes from the board by making matches next to them, or to collect pearls by making two separate matches next to each seashell.

Players remove drops from the board by clicking and dragging their mouse to create a line of three or more symbols of the same color. Gamers can create vertical or horizontal lines, as well as diagonal matches. If players create a line of seven or more symbols in a single move, they create a blaster drop, capable of clearing a large number of symbols from the board when activated. One may clear an entire column of symbols, while another clears an entire row, and so on.Magic DropsEventually, players unlock separate power-ups, which can be purchased before a level begins, or during a level (different powers are available at different times). Some of these are given away in small quantities for free (before being available for in-app purchase with premium currency), while others are available for coins. Players earn coins at the end of each level, or can purchase them with premium currency (real money). One power may add five extra moves to the next level, as an example, while a hammer allows players to clear any chosen symbol from the board, and so on.

When players successfully complete a level’s requirements, any leftover moves are turned into bonus points. Players earn up to three stars on each stage, depending on their final score, and can compare their scores with their friends’ on level-specific leaderboards.

Magic Drops is available to play for free on Facebook.

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