GameHouse Launches Delicious: Emily’s New Beginning on Mobile

RealNetworks’ GameHouse has announced the launch of the newest title in the popular “Delicious” time-management franchise, Delicious: Emily’s New Beginning. The game is the tenth in the series, and is a continuation of Emily’s storyline, which begins as Emily and Patrick deliver a baby girl named Paige. In the game, players will need to help Emily get back into the swing of running her restaurant after her maternity leave, by delivering orders to customers and cleaning empty tables, among other tasks.

Delicious: Emily’s New Beginning allows players to select one of three difficulty levels. From there, players complete level-based gameplay by serving a large number of customers each day, with different customers preferring different types of items on the menu. Before each shift begins, players are shown a forecast for the types of customers that will show up, and they can craft the restaurant’s menu accordingly.

Regulars, for instance, may like hamburgers and soda, while a senior may enjoy tea and granola bars. During gameplay, customers enter the restaurant and place orders automatically. Players then load the order onto a serving tray and deliver it to the guest. After they’ve finished their meal, customers checkout at the register, and Emily must clean their tables so additional guests can sit down after them.Emily's New BeginningIn between stages, players can spend their profits on upgrades for the restaurant, like a new counter that helps Emily prepare dishes more quickly, or new barstools that improve customer patience, among many other items.

Patience is important, as players must keep track of each customer’s patience to ensure they give the best service possible. While these environmental upgrades have an impact on patience, Paige does as well. At different times in each stage, Paige will leave her playpen and crawl around the restaurant to greet guests. If customers like Paige, she increases their patience for free, but if not, customers lose patience.

“The franchise’s storyline has become so engaging that it rivals soap operas, romance novels and TV series. It’s a story of life, love and dreams,” said Gamehouse chief of games Erik Goossens, in a statement. “The main character, Emily, has experiences of doubt, revelation and personal growth while she moves up from waitressing to running her own restaurants. We’ve designed the game to be easy to pick up and get started.”

Delicious: Emily’s New Beginning is available via a free trial on iOS, Android and Amazon devices, and players can unlock the full product via an in-app purchase of $9.99. The game is also available on PC.

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