Gameloft Launches Dragon Mania Legends on Mobile

Dragon Mania LegendsGameloft has released its newest title on mobile devices: Dragon Mania Legends. The dragon-raising combat game sees players rebuilding a dragon habitat after it’s destroyed by vikings. Dragons come in multiple varieties, and can be taken into three-on-three, level-based battles across over 100 locations in the world of Dragolandia.

Players begin Dragon Mania Legends with two dragons, but can recruit more by building additional habitats and breeding their starter units (or purchasing dragons from the store for free or premium currency). Players can upgrade their dragons by feeding them, and will produce dragon feed in their farms. Feed production, breeding and other tasks take time to complete, but players can speed this up by spending premium currency.

Players spend energy to enter turn-based battles, with battles seeing players drag a dragon’s element on top of an enemy to attack. This begins a meter, and players are challenged with tapping when the meter is in either the gray (normal attack) or green (perfect attack) areas. If players stop the meter in the red area, their attack misses.

Dragons relate to one another in a “rock, paper, scissors” style, where air is stronger than earth, fire is stronger than air, and so on. Since hybrid dragons contain more than one “type,” users may have multiple elemental options for their attacks. Gamers are reminded of the strengths and weaknesses of elements via a wheel at the top of the screen, and by green and red swords which appear as players choose an attack (a green sword indicates a boosted attack, while red indicates a weaker attack).

Battles continue until all enemy units have been defeated, and players earn items like experience points and dragon feed after each victory. Gamers can spend premium currency on a VIP upgrade to unlock additional rewards after these battles. VIPs also have the ability to complete more battles before waiting for their energy to recharge, and can participate in VIP-only events. VIP accounts aren’t permanent, but rather last for a limited amount of time, in relation to their cost.

In addition to the game’s single-player story mode, gamers can enter the Arena to face off against other players for exclusive rewards. Finally, players can login with Facebook to receive a free, exclusive dragon for their habitat.

Dragon Mania Legends is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store, Google Play and the Windows Phone Store.