Gameloft’s Pastry Paradise Launches on iOS, Android

Pastry ParadiseGameloft has announced the launch of Pastry Paradise on iOS and Android devices. The match-three game introduces players to pastry chef Hannah, who must stop the “crooked cook” Mr. Moelleux from filling the world with his less-than-tasty mud cakes and canned custard. Each level has a different challenge, like earning a large number of points before running out of moves, or capturing tiles from enemy characters in head-to-head bake-offs.

Each level of Pastry Panic has a different board layout (and usually a move limit), and players make matches by swapping the location of two pastries horizontally, vertically or even diagonally, to create a match of three-or-more in a line. As players create matches of four-or-more pastries (or matches in special L or T shapes), they create power-up symbols capable of clearing whole lines or rows of pastries from the board, or that clear all symbols of a particular color.

Players earn up to three stars on each level, depending on the number of points they earn before running out of moves or completing a level’s goal. If players earn all three stars on a stage, they receive a bonus prize of coins, which can be spent on boosters. These boosters include extra moves, whisks for shuffling the board, and more.

In head-to-head battles, the game turns into an experience similar to Reversi, and sees users making matches to claim tiles on the board. Players can make match on top of their opponents’ tiles to claim them as their own, with the goal being to claim a large number of tiles before the opponent can do the same.

Levels become more complicated over time, with challenges to remove chocolate  squares from the board, challenges to bake cakes by collecting one symbol at a time in bulk (think adding ingredients to a pan), and more. In addition to the basic single-player mode, players can complete daily and weekly events to earn additional rewards.

Pastry Paradise is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play. The game is coming soon to Windows Phone.