Gawker Attempts to Ambush the Fox News “Ambusher”

Gawker’s John Cook is on a mission.

He’s trying to get an interview with Fox News Channel producer Jesse Watters who is known for his ambush interviews for Bill O’Reilly’s show.

Cook phoned Watters yesterday attempting to get an interview and was immediately transferred to FNC media relations who later, via email, denied the request.

We found it odd that Watters would refuse to talk to a reporter, given the lengths to which he goes to compel others speak to him.

So, Cook went all Jesse Watters and this morning began staking out his house to get the interview – and he’s asking Gawker readers for an assist:

If we find him, we’ll post the video as soon as we can. If we don’t, we’ll keep trying, and for that we’ll need your help. What do you know about Jesse Watters? Did you go to college with him? Do you ride the train with him? Do you work at the Starbucks where he buys his coffee?

In an update at 10:36amET, Cook writes, “we left for a potty break, giving him a chance to flee. We don’t know if he did, but we’ll hang out for a while.”

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