Gawker Employees Gather For First ‘Real’ Company-Wide Meeting, Denton Came Off ‘As A Real Hardass’

The Awl’s Choire Sicha goes inside (not really) Gawker Media’s first real company-wide meeting, held at a hotel’s screening room last night, where Nick Denton “gave a speech from the stage—just like a real grown-up company, and also totally not.”

The meeting was “alternately hilarious, exciting, boring and frightening.” Denton asked for more pageviews from everyone. He explained that a new commenting system is coming, which one writer fears will turn the site into Reddit.

The key takeaways, though: Each site’s growing, but is expected to do more. Money, Choire Sicha* reports, is being spent on tech stuff but also on hiring. “Something of a hiring spree is at hand, because each site is expected to grow quite incredibly over the next year.”

So maybe you want to get a job at Gawker, now that you know they’re hiring. Even if working for Denton is like getting hit in the head with a surfboard. But if you want that gig, you’d better start commenting. On that new commenting system which is coming soon.

*Sicha is an ex-Gawker editor and says himself that he has “an insane number of both conflicting and mutual interests with Gawker Media,” which might be the best disclosure statement we’ve seen lately.