Gawker Media Merging Gizmodo and io9 Teams

Stars are aligning

Few companies take themselves more seriously than Gawker Media. Case in point: Its announcement that Gizmodo’s team is merging with io9’s to form something called Future Initiative.

The sites — Gizmodo, io9, Sploid, Space and more — will remain separate, but the writers and editors will be collaborating on items. That’s the easy way to say it. Here is how Annalee Newitz, io9’s current editor and the person who will oversee Future Initiative, explained it:

“2015 is going to be a year for stories with depth. I want everyone in the Future Initiative working on longer, reported articles. That means getting out of the news hype cycle to do explainers on a regular basis, giving our readers and communities the fundamentals they need to understand the rapid pace of innovation happening now. Put another way: To get to the stars, we first need to understand human history and the scientific rules that govern our world.”

Oh boy. That sounds way more intense than editors and staffers working together on posts. Human history is pretty long! Right? Someone Google that for us.

But hey, let’s be nice here — maybe the tone of that note was necessary. Whatever floats your boat. There’s probably a more complicated way to say that.