Gemesis Is Proudly Selling ‘Lab-Created’ Diamonds

Gemesis has just launched its e-commerce site, which will make it easy for consumers to purchase one or more of its “lab-created” diamonds. Jewels that many people would label fakes.

However, the company is proudly touting the value of these unnatural gems. The company is quick to point out that the quality of its diamonds are “equal to the best quality mined diamonds.” Moreover, they say their diamonds are “all certified as Type IIa,” a rare marker for mined diamonds.

And perhaps, most importantly given a recent BBMG Conscious Consumer Report, these gems are sustainable and conflict-free.

According to that report, two-thirds of Americans say it’s important to buy products that have social and environmental benefits. And 88 percent say they are more likely to buy products that “promote health and safety benefits.”

“It’s not only about price, but about getting the purest and highest-quality diamonds,” said Gemesis’ president and CEO Stephen Lux in a release statement. “Add to that environmental responsibility and the ability to unequivocally know your diamond’s origin and we have a very special product offering.”

Indeed, purchasing conflict-free diamonds are still a big concern for shoppers and lawmakers. Just yesterday, The New York Times reported on a proposed Securities and Exchange Commission provision that would make it mandatory for companies to report to shareholders whether minerals used in their products come from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

“The measure is aimed at cutting off the brutal militia groups that have often taken over the mining and sale of so-called conflict minerals to finance their military aims,” the article says. “Just about every company affected by the law says they support it, but many business groups have also been pushing aggressively to put wiggle room in the restrictions, calling for lengthy phase-in periods, exemptions for minimal use of the minerals and loose definitions of what types of uses are covered.”

If that weren’t enough, there’s a gripping picture of a Congolese miner with the story.

On a much lighter note, Natalie Portman and her husband Benjamin Millepied made news at the Oscars for their eco-friendly, conflict-free wedding baubles.

The company hired PR and marketing firm French/West/Vaughanin June 2010 for outreach, research, SEO, and branding services.

“As part of our key messaging, we think it’s important to impress upon consumers that Gemesis lab-created diamonds are not only labeled conflict-free, as are many mined diamonds on the market today, but they are unquestionably conflict-free,” FWV president Rick French told us via email (emphasis his).

[Image from the Gemesis homepage]