George Clooney Calls C-SPAN a Fun Sleep-Aid

The Hollywood Reporter reported on George Clooney‘s fundraising efforts over the weekend to back marriage equality. Clooney attended an event Saturday night at the Wilshire Embell Theater. In the story, he mentioned the famed Washington entity C-SPAN.

Like many before him, the actor referred to it as something of a sleep aid. But he quickly remedied that by calling it “fun.” Clooney brought up the fact that his father, Nick Clooney, ran unsuccessfully for Congress in Kentucky. Attorney David Bois (mentioned below) represented Al Gore in front of the U.S. Supreme Court. He also attended the weekend event.

Excerpt: Clooney and Boies  skipped to the next subject: Their love of watching CSPAN. “I’m not talking about watching it constantly on a loop, because that would put you to sleep,” Clooney said.

“You have to pick your spots.”“Like the House of Commons,” Boies interjected, provoking Clooney’s pitch-perfect take on a posh English accent: “My good man, order!”

“CSPAN is fun,” he added, cementing his reputation as political junkie.