Get More Followers With These Three Profile Picture Tricks

How do you attract people to your Twitter profile with your photo, alone?  …with picture of The Biebs?  …a bold sign that reads, “FOLLOW ME!!!”?  Well, why not use some common knowledge of the “science of attraction” as bate?  You can use these 3 simple methods to get people clicking onto your profile picture.  They won’t be able to resist:

1.  Cater to Curiosity – Have written words in your picture.  These can appear on the t-shirt you’re wearing.  But make it illegible.  Make it small enough that people can see that they are looking at words; but the words are too small to read.  People’s curiosity may lead them to click on the picture, to see what it says.

Or, make an ambiguous photo.  I often find myself clicking on weird blobs, just to see the image enlarged – in order to see the what the heck is in the picture.  If someone clicks on your blob, only to see a few hilarious Tweets, they may hop on your back and start following you.

2.  Use the Color Yellow Why do blonds have more fun?  It may be because people notice them first, due to their yellow-ish locks.  The human eye recognizes a yellow hue before any other hue.  A bright yellow background will attract people to your tiny profile picture, in a crowd of others.  People will notice it first.  You may want to keep this secret to yourself.  If word gets out everyone is going to make a yellow background.

However, one may wish to refrain from using the color yellow in their wallpaper.  Apparently, overexposure to this color irritates the brain.  You don’t want people reading your tweets while hating your guts.

3.  Shake What Your Mother Gave You – What are humans attracted to?  Other humans!  Post a picture of your smiling face!  Or do as the spammers do; and post a picture of an attractive body part!  There are many pictures of glistening six packs and bikini regions floating around Twitter profiles.  Physical attraction will inspire people to view the larger image.  Sounds shallow, doesn’t it?  Well, a completely unattractive photo can work just as well.  Humans like to look at bizarre people as much as they like to look at their fantasy partner.  After all, websites like get mad amounts of hits! Post an image of yourself making the grossest face you can pull off.

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