Get Ready for Glenn Beck Rants and Hot Tracks in Your Twitter Feed

Messaging site adds sound

Twitter has sound. Now you’ll be hearing popular music DJ David Guetta tracks in your feed and Glenn Beck rants, because the messaging platform enabled audio clips.

The microblogging powerhouse announced the Twitter Audio card system this week, which adds soundbites to the multimedia already being shared through cards—news, video and photos.

Twitter has a partnership with Soundcloud, the audio sharing site. On Thursday, Chance the Rapper introduced a new song and Guetta tweeted a new remix exclusively on Twitter to show off the new capabilities.

Not to pass up another advertising channel, iTunes artists can use Twitter to let fans pre-purchase tracks.

Here’s a sampling Twitter accounts that will play with audio. (Readers have to click through the dates on the tweets below to see how they appear on Twitter.)

DJ David Guetta

The White House


The Bleacher Report

This American Life

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