Reporter Had a Hunch NYU’s Gina Rodriguez Would Go Far

Tisch Class of 2006: Jeff Sneider, film reporter at TheWrap, and Gina Rodriguez, a newly crowned Golden Globe winner

Last night during the Golden Globes, TheWrap senior film reporter Jeff Sneider shared several quick-burst video observations about what was going down at the nearby Beverly Hilton. As part of his initial dispatch, he gave a hearty NYU shout out to Jane the Virgin winner Gina Rodriguez.

Rodriguez and Sneider both attended the Tisch School of the Arts, starting with a shared 2002 Freshman year. Per the above, they resided at one point on the same Rubin Hall 7th floor. A day later, we were curious how much interaction Sneider had at NYU with Rodriguez.

Since he was majoring in Dramatic Writing and she took the Drama program, they never shared a Tisch class per se. But Sneider says he would see her around campus.

”At NYU, you know that some of your fellow students are going to make it one day and become famous but you’re never sure who,” he recalls. “With Gina though, it was always clear there was something special about her. She’s come so far in such a short amount of time and I’m so proud to be able to say I knew her when.”

“Her Golden Globe win was historic for the CW,” Sneider adds, “and I predict even bigger and better things to come in her very bright future.” We agree.

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.