Givit debuts mobile video editing and sharing app

Creators of the defunct Flip camera released the Givit app today that features a more intuitive way for users to edit and share video straight from their smartphone.

The iPhone-only Givit app allows users to simply tap the screen while recording a live video or watching a previously recorded video to create a series of “highlights” (small clips) that will be automatically “stitched” together.

After a video has been cut down from its raw footage, users can throw in transitions, music and motion effects such as changing the speed. Once the final product is completed, users can share videos privately via Givit’s cloud network or publicly with one click of the button to Facebook, YouTube or email.

“Let’s face it, most of the videos that we create are really boring and full of dull parts, right?” Givit CEO and founder Greg Kostello told Inside Mobile Apps. “There are good gems in each clip that we make. So we make it really simple to extract those best pieces and that’s what we do.”

Compared to Givit’s competitors like Viddy and Socialcam, Givit doesn’t restrict the amount of clips that can be strung together or limit the length of a video.

“We have the best of both [Viddy and Socialcam],” says Kostello. “Really, what’s unique to us is the video creation process. People are craving for a way to share videos that aren’t boring, that are interesting and fun, and really represent their life.”

Givit monetizes the app by offering a cloud storage service for users to store and share videos. Users can download the app for free along with 5GB of storage or upgrade to a year subscription for $30 with 100GB of storage. Videos on Givit’s cloud service are even accessible from the web as well as a handset.

Givit raised $2.5 million in Series C funding co-led by JK&B Capital and ATA Ventures to help push the consumer app forward. Givit’s San Diego, Calif.-based parent company VMIX has raised more than $26 million in total funding.

Givit presented the app at DEMO Fall 2012 today in Santa Clara, Calif., which is a conference that focuses on emerging technologies and new product innovations.

Although the app just released, Kostello says the amount of installs from today is “huge.”

Since Givit is a new app, it’s not showing up on our AppData tracking data, but stay tuned in the coming days when more data becomes available.

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