GLAAD to Track Trump’s Anti-LGBTQ Ways

There's a lot.

GLAAD is taking on the exhaustive project of chronicling every anti-LGBTQ statement and action from Donald Trump and his associates with the launch of the Trump Accountability Project (TAP).

“This information will equip journalists, as well as everyday people, to hold Trump and his administration accountable for their words and actions,” explained GLAAD. “It will also serve as a reminder that many in the incoming administration have blatantly pledged to dismantle the legal protections that LGBTQ people, as well as other communities, have achieved over the past several years.”

This is a noble move by GLAAD, even if it will mostly fall on deaf ears. Trump and his team’s bigoted, disgusting, misogynistic, racist ways well documented in the months leading up to the election, and… America elected him president.

Still, TAP is important. There should be a place to easily access Trump’s horrific statements and behavior. Our hats are off to GLAD for doing this.

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