Glad Is Partnering Up With BuzzFeed’s Tasty to Sell Products in the Tasty App

It will 'emphasize' Glad’s Press’n Seal product

The Tasty and Glad partnership is bringing ecommerce to the Tasty app. Tasty
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Every single moment of the day is an opportunity for a brand to become a part of your life.

That’s why BuzzFeed’s Tasty is partnering with Glad to introduce a new feature in the app: shoppable Glad products tied to a video.

The new offering will let users buy Glad Press’n Seal. The video, a Honey Sriracha Roasted Chicken and Breakfast Chicken Hash recipe, will appear in the app on Feb. 1 with Glad Press’n Seal as the main product. If you’re interested in buying it, just scroll down, tap on the product, and you’ll be taken to to complete the purchase.

According to BuzzFeed, it’s “the first-of-its-kind ad offering” for the company (and one that seems necessary considering BuzzFeed’s recent push into programmatic advertising).

What BuzzFeed is pushing for is to have companies recognize that they can offer a media campaign that centers around ecommerce—all while providing a “massive top funnel reach” and sales.

“There might be some [other] publications that say they can do it,” said Ashley McCollum, general manager of Tasty. “But time after time, our data shows we can do this.”

Albert Thompson, managing director of digital at Walton Isaacson, thinks it’s the next step to in-app sponsorships and advertising.

“This offering simply allows BuzzFeed to extend and expand its revenue stream,” said Thompson. “Beyond the revenue opportunity for BuzzFeed, such a placement allows direct audience alignment with proven content platforms with notable brands.”

The Tasty app, which launched in July and has seen more than 6 million downloads according to BuzzFeed, is focused on how to enter a consumer’s life (and not be another video you watch and then scroll by on your Facebook feed). Glad, according toMcCollum, understands this focus and has been a “great early partner.”

Glad also sees this partnership as a great opportunity to exist on a mobile-first platform with a video explaining their product.

“Within each video, we’re integrating different uses for the product,” said Beth Scott, brand manager for Glad Food Protection. “We’re always trying to learn about driving online sales so this allowed us to get new learnings from these shoppable videos.”

The company is hoping to measure the success by how many people are watching (and sharing) the video and if they are driving sales through

“With the transition everywhere with ecommerce, this was a great opportunity to learn how this video content could drive purchases,” Scott said.

The winning video was chosen by its engagement rate. To find the right video, Glad and Tasty created four different recipe videos and showcased them across the Tasty Facebook page and Tasty website.

“All signs point to this being something we can do over and over,” McCollum said.

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