Glass Planner Calendar and To-Do List App Launches on iOS

Glass CalendarSlide Rule Software has announced the launch of its Glass Planner calendar app on iOS devices. The app aims to help users “get things done” by helping them organize their to-do lists, meetings and other events, before showcasing them in a view that’s designed specifically for a small iPhone screen. By placing each and every item, from lists to appointments, on a specific calendar date, Glass can be used to see every necessary task for the day in a single view.

When users first begin their experience with Glass, they’re presented with a streamlined version of the app called “Simple Glass.” This may be all users ever need, but if they’d like to unlock the full edition of the app, called “Standard Glass,” they can do so for free by sharing a post to Facebook, or by paying the $7.99 in-app purchase price. This Standard Glass version adds timelines, tags and additional functionality to the app.

For free, Simple Glass users, the app offers three basic views: Plan, Act and Done. In the Plan view, users can view all of their upcoming appointments and tasks for the next week in a vertical list. Users can add multiple types of items to their calendar, from “all-day” notes (like birthday reminders), to timed appointments, and so on.

Meanwhile, Act view shows the current day’s items, in a rough priority order, based on whether or not the app believes the task can be completed right then and there. Users can refine these views by touching and dragging items around to create a plan that works best for them. Finally, Done view features an archive of a user’s completed tasks.

“In traditional planning systems, you placed your to-do list items in one big list—or in several lists—and your appointments and deadlines went into your calendar,” said William Petty, lead designer of Glass and CEO of Slide Rule Software, in a statement. “Every time you wanted to get something done, you’d have to look at all these separate sources and decide what to do next. A lot of time was involved in just staying on top of these systems, and tracking separate lists and calendars on a small screen was no fun.”

Glass Planner is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store.