Want Happy Employees? Give Them Free Food and Hot Yoga

Media and tech companies had a good showing on Glassdoor's "Best Places to Work" list. Most employees cite perks like free food, yoga and pinball machines as reasons to stick around.

Glassdoor released it’s list of the Best Places to Work in 2015 and social media and digital companies top the list.

Google, it should come as no surprise, ranks first among the fifty large companies. Facebook comes in at lucky 13, with employees citing “transparency, trust, compassion and food” as some perks to working for the social network. Free food is sort of a running theme through the entire list. LinkedIn, which is ranked 23, has free food and games:

The pinball machines, arcade games and ping pong tables are nice but the real key is that people actually PLAY them. I’ve worked at startups where they had games like this, but everyone was always too busy working themselves into the ground to every actually use them. If my boss walks past me playing pinball in the middle of the day, neither of us is going to think twice about it.

So working for social networks is basically a Vince Vaughn movie? Not quite. Employees at Apple, ranked 22, reported:

Work life balance may be a bit tricky, people work their butts off here and surprisingly, at least for me, I don’t ever mind stay a few hours late, because I am treated well and can’t go 10 feet without running into something incredible.

Other media and social companies made the cut, too. Adobe (18), ESPN (48) and NBCUniversal (31) all ranked because of competitive salaries and overall culture. Hot yoga (Nike, 22) and “promising future” (MindBodyOnline, 34) were other perks that helped companies make the cut. Notably missing was Twitter, which was ranked No. 1 last year. The company didn’t even make the top 50 this time around.

One stand out? In-N-Out Burger, of all places, came in at eight for its “great pay rates, fantastic hours, [and] calm and comfortable atmosphere.” Who would have thought?

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