Gmail Labs Rolls Outs Sender Time Zone and Insert Image Features

Gmail Labs has just rolled two new Gmail features in experiment – Sender Time Zone and Insert Images. These two Gmail features are both useful and could very well make your Gmail experience more fruitful and pleasant one.I personally like the Sender time zone feature since I live in the other side of the world where time difference between me and my contacts are one day apart at the most. The Sender time zone puts either a green or red icon on Gmail messages that you receive. The red phone icon means the sender is probably asleep by the time you read and open the message. While the green phone icon signifies that the sender is awake and readily available (the sender time zone must be between 9:00am-6pm).

Now if you want to know what time is it at the sender’s part of the world, you just need to click on the “Show Details” link, and the time when the message was sent as well as what time is it right now on the sender’s time zone will be displayed. Now, isn’t that neat?
The other new feature rolled out by the Gmail Labs is the “Inserting Images” feature. As you might guess, this has something to do with inserting images on the body of your Gmail messages. With the new feature turned on, you can easily put an image on your Gmail message by simply clicking the “Insert Image” icon once you’ve turned on the feature on your Google Labs Settings.
The feature also lets you choose the size of the image that you want to put on your image into either – small, medium, large or the original size. What it doesn’t allow you to however is to align the image to the text of your Gmail message. Hopefully this will be addressed soon.
To turn on this two new features, simply click on the Labs tab on your Gmail, and enable the “Inserting Images” and “Sender time zone”.

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