Golden State Warriors’ Owner Goes Maybe-Racist, Blames Siri

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Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Meet Peter Guber. (And yes, his name is pronounced the way you think…more on that in a moment.)

He is Chairman, CEO, and founder of Mandalay Entertainment, a motion picture company that has racked up more than $3 billion and 50 Academy Award nominations. Dude’s got skills.

Goober Guber is also the owner of the Golden State Warriors, and is now part of some unfortunate NBA owner company. He recently joined the ranks of Donald Sterling, formerly of the L.A. Clippers, and Bruce Levenson, formerly of the Atlanta Hawks, as a maybe-possibly racist.

But save the #PRFail; he blamed auto correct, so it’s all good.

Based on this story from Yahoo Sports, we discover that Guber’s own PR department forwarded an email from the NBA “about the international imprint on the league’s rosters to people in the Warriors’ organization.”

Warriors director of media relations Raymond Ridder forwarded the league’s release in an email sent through the franchise, saying, “The following is a great example of the growth of our league. There are 101 international players on NBA opening night rosters, which represents 22% of the league. We have five [5] international players on our roster (33%), which includes Andrew BogutLeandro BarbosaFestus Ezeli, Ognjen Kuzmic and Nemanja Nedovic. We’ve come a long way…”

nba racismSure, the Warriors’ lineup looks like a VIP list from the United Nations, but was Guber’s ham-handed reply really necessary?

Guber responded to the email by writing, “I’m taking rosetta stone to learn Hungarian Serbian Australian swahili and hoodish This year. But it’s nice.”

Yes, that’s as-is. And then there’s “Hoodish“?! This email was read by the entire team just as they are about to begin the 2014-2015 NBA season. As tempers ran high in Oakland, “Goober” (now you understand) sent a follow-up email advising that hoodish was Siri’s fault and he “regrets the error.”

“Someone just brought to my attention that an email I responded to earlier contains the word ‘hoodish,’ which I don’t even think Is a Word, and certainly not the one I intended to use,” Guber wrote in the email. “I intended to type Yiddish. Either my mobile fone [sic] autocorrected or it was typed wrong. In any event I regret if anyone was unintendedly [sic] offended.”

Right. But since “hoodish” is not a word, wouldn’t this mean that he had typed it at some point in the past?

While we await to see if Goober will join the aforementioned bigots’ club, someone help the brother out: Instead of a Rosetta Stone, dude needs Schoolhouse Rock.