Women’s Media Center Study Shows Media is Still a Boy’s Club

Women made a few gains in the newspaper biz in 2011. But other than that, the picture isn’t pretty for women in media according to a new study by the Women’s Media Center. Despite the fact that 73.5 percent of journalism and mass communications graduates were women–a percentage that has remained fairly consistent for more than a decade–the numbers continue to dip for women in the media workforce.

GOOD’s Amanda Hess does a nice job breaking down the stats.

By almost every other measure, media remains overwhelmingly male, and it’s getting maler. Last year, women made up only 22 percent of the local radio workforce, compared to 29.2 percent in 2010. Women’s representation in sports news hasn’t budged since 2008 (just 11 percent of editors, 10 percent of columnists, and 7 percent of reporters are women). In one year, women dropped from 20 percent of behind-the-scenes entertainment television roles to just 4 percent. Worldwide, women are the subjects of 24 percent of news stories. Just 21 percent of Sunday morning television commentators are women. Only a third of speaking characters in films are female (and about a quarter of them are dressed sexily). Women direct 5 percent of films.

One thing the study didn’t take into account was new media jobs. Which is unfortunate. Because that is undoubtedly where most of the hires will be in the next… millennium or so.