Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers

Quotes of the Day

Fairchild gives Capehart a shout-out

“RT @morgfair: @CapehartJ Big fan, Jonathan. Watch you all the time|| Thanks, Ms.Fairchild. #winning” — An exchange between actress Morgan Fairchild and WaPo‘s Jonathan Capehart.

In the spirit of keeping things real…“Can’t deal with auto correct on my phone anymore. Close to nervous breakdown.” —  Claritza Jimenez, Program Officer at the International Center for Journalists. Ms. Jimenez, please meet your soulmate, ABC7’s Stephen Tschida.

Success: Washington style

“@joshtpm You’ve arrived.” — Gawker Political Editor Jim Newell to TPM Editor-in-Chief Josh Marshall upon hearing the news this weekend that TPM had been hacked.

Inexplicably, Ed Henry sucks up to his employer

#1: “V.compelling 9/11 special on #foxnews right now — heart-breaking, yet you can’t turn away.” — FNC’s Ed Henry in a series of weekend tweets. #2: “@Larry_Kelly so you’ve noticed that people at Fox tend to stay there a long time? Great place to work.” #3: “@Greg_Hanna Loving every minute at #foxnews, thanks for writing.”

Buttry tries to save his identity

“Finally updated my page: [see here] Wonder how many other places still have me working at TBD, the Gaz, API or others.” — Journal Register Co’s Steve Buttry, former Community Engagement Director at TBD.

Setting the record straight

“Our account is secure and under control. Apologize for the scare. We value your trust.” — NBC News after getting hacked this weekend in the worst of ways. As most everyone knows, someone hacked into the network’s Twitter account Friday and declared new terrorist attacks.

Better safe than sorry

“One worker might have caused SoCal blackout by pulling wrong plug. So our engineers keep me away from recording technology.” — NPR’s Scott Simon.

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