GOOD NEWS: Honesty Really Is the Best Policy When Adopting Dogs

eddie the terribleIf I said “Silicon Valley,” what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

Computers? Technology? Rich hipsters? What if we said, “Genius pet adoption?” Meet this lovely story from the Humane Society of Silicon Valley

This is “Eddie the Terrible.”

He’s a two-year-old chihuahua who can “go zero to Cujo in .05 seconds when he sees another dog on a leash.” Also, this bedeviled dog is understood to be “socially stinky.” How do I know these odd facts?

The HSSV created the best adoption blog post in the history of ever just for Eddie.

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Not every dog is going to be that perfect family friend. Some aren’t housebroken. Others will enjoy chewing up the couch. A few aren’t good with the kids. And even some others aren’t good with most people at all.

When you think of those kind of dogs that have mama drama in their blood, many think about pit bulls, rottweilers, and even the average chihuahua. The dreaded “Yap Dog” does not make nice with friends. And HSSV has a job to do, which is why they decided to tell the truth.

Can dog owner prospects, um, handle the truth? They can if they read this gem. Here are some highlights:

  • eddie the terrible 2The headline is ‘Three Reasons You Don’t Want to Adopt Eddie the Terrible,’ which immediately draws you thinking “What could possibly be wrong with this dog?!”
  • The subhed reads “How does so much naughty exist in such a small dog?” I mean, you are looking at a relatively cute three-pound dog but, as the post reads, “inside that innocuous adorable blonde package exists tons – indeed, whole square miles – of naughty.”
  • Reason No. 1: Like to go for walks in dog infested areas? Enjoy the dog park? Keep walking…
  • Reason No. 2: Want your kids to grow up with a full complement of fingers and toes? Not the dog for you.
  • Reason No. 3: Looking for a simple dog to sleep in his crate? Not your dog…

What makes Eddie “terrible”? He’s not big on crowds, kids, or sleeping alone. In other words, the HSSV is trying to pick an old woman who is living alone and looking for a friend.

Worst things could happen to try to get a sweet dog into a loving home.