Good‘s Outlook Less Good

Good magazine, the for-profit bimonthly “for people who give a damn,” is scaling back to a quarterly frequency, reports Folio.
The three-year old title has quickly made a name for itself with coverage on everything from transportation to biotech to a guy who keeps bees on a Manhattan rooftop. The magazine hasn’t been shy about experimenting, either: for its March issue, titled “The Recession Issue,” the company shrunk the mag 80 percent and saved untold money on printing and distribution.
But now the magazine is cutting back to four issues a year.
“Our people are easier to reach and connect with online, we wanted to devote more resources to serving them there,” creative director Casey Caplowe told Folio.
“Ultimately we felt that we’d rather put a bit more into the Web efforts even if [we] took some resources from print,” Caplowe continued. “That said, the magazine and print as a medium is still one we believe in thoroughly.”
The mag’s not yet profitable, but hopes to get there “within a five-year timeframe.”
<snark>Maybe this is what happens when you let your subscribers choose how much to pay you.</snark>