Google+ Adds Features to Photo Albums

Google+ Photos Engineer Isaac Sparrow announced an update to the Google+ photos service which allows you to better organize your photos into albums.  It’s a key addition that lets the once sparse Google+ photos section tell a better story of your life.  Now that Google+ has the essential infrastructure of their social network in place, I imagine we’ll see more features like this that attempt to help tell a person’s story — maybe in a less overt way than Facebook’s awkward timeline feature.

Photos are a key element to social networks, and in fact the largest photo application on the web turns out to be Facebook.  It’s one of the key anecdotal reasons why people say they wouldn’t switch from Facebook — they have their history and years of photos on there.  However, Google is smart to improve their service and be ready in case Facebook makes some grievous error that causes people to want to find another place to socialize, or start again.  I can imagine something like a “start over day” where everyone starts their new social networking profiles on Google+.

The new albums let you “Organize” your albums, and Google will give you the following options.

Sort photos by time: Click Order by date to sort all photos in the album by the photo date, from earliest to latest. Click it again to sort them from latest to earliest.

Reorder your photos: Select the photos you want to reorder and drag them to their new position in the album. You can also move selected photos to the start or end of the album by clicking Move to top or Move to bottom.

Move or copy photos to another album: Clicking Move lets you move or copy selected photos to one of your other albums or to a new album.

Delete a bunch of photos: Click Delete to delete the selected photos.

Take a look at the button in the screenshot below, and check out the official post here.

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