Google Aggregates Their Entertainment Offerings Into ‘Google Play’

Jamie Rosenberg, Google’s Director of Digital Content, recently posted on Google’s official blog about the new Google Play integrated service.  It allows you to store your books, movies, apps and games on the cloud, and then lets you access them from whatever Google device you desire.  This is a smart move that not only helps remove the frustration of copying files from one place to another, but also helps Google future-proof against privacy — once users are using Cloud systems more often it will be easier for Google to ensure that you’re using paid-for apps and movies.

According to the blog post, “starting today, the Android Market, Google Music and Google eBookstore will become part of Google Play.”  It’s not entirely clear whether they’re going to rename the market completely, but it does seem like that’s the plan — your Android market application will be updated and renamed in the coming days and the Google Market will be no more.

To celebrate the news, Google is doing something similar to their 7 days of Christmas deal, where they’re offering books, movies and apps at $0.25.  I just downloaded Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, a vaunted novel that I’ve been wanting to read.  I imagine this could be the start of a real threat to Amazon when it comes to e-readers.  The proliferation of Android devices and tablets combined with this kind of well publicized and inexpensive sales kick may cause people to start buying more book content from Google.

It seems that Google is trying to unite their entertainment initiatives not just across Android, but eventually across a unified social and mobile platform.  An interview from earlier this month at VentureBeat had Punit Soni, the group product manager for Google+, explaining that by “next year, we will not be here talking about Google Games, Chrome Web Store games, Games for Native Client and Android Games, we will be talking about Google Games.”

Take a look at the peculiar teaser video below to see how Google will allow you to share your music between your Android, laptop and tablet using the cloud.

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