Google Books Case Gets Trial Schedule

The Google Books case is going to be litigated. According to a Publishers Weekly report from a status conference earlier today,  Judge Denny Chin is said to have put together a pre-trial schedule that aims to have the case ready for trial by July 2012.

PW has more: “But the conference also offered a ray of hope, as attorneys said that settlement talks were progressing. AAP attorney Bruce Keller told Chin that the publishers had agreed to the proposed trial schedule, but that substantial progress had been made between publishers and Google, and that he hoped the trial schedule would become ‘moot.’ Google attorney Daralynn Durie echoed that expectation later in the hearing, also telling Chin that progress was being made and noting that the business principals ‘not the lawyers’ were in discussion.”

Chin rejected a $125 million settlement back in March, that would have brought the six year long court battle to an end. But from the sound of it, despite negotiation the case isn’t going anywhere just yet.

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