Google Calendar for iPhone and Android Now Lets You Deal with Event Invitations

Screenshot courtesy of Google
Google Mail for iPhone and Android wasn’t the only mobile web service Google enhanced. Google Calendar got its own feature enhancement…
Mobile Web Calendar for iPhone and Android, now with event management
I don’t expect to use it much since Google’s over-the-air Exchange Sync with the iPhone Calendar works so well. However, there is one feature in Google’s web-based mobile Calendar that works better than any mobile client-side calendar app I’ve used: The Google mobile Calendar month view lets you scroll all the events of the day in focus (selected) by moving the month view calendar out of the way. This lets you see all the events instead of trying to peak through a full day of events through a visual slit on your screen.
Google Calendar when used in a web browser on an iPhone or Android phone now lets you respond to event invitations in your schedule.

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