Google+ Exclusive Game: Have You Tried Gangs of Boomtown?

A few days ago, mobile/social gaming crew Digital Chocolate (headed by the original founder of EA Trip Hawkins) released Gangs of Boomtown exclusively to Google+.  According to our sister sites Inside Social Games, the game is “a blend of quests, multiplayer quickdraw contests and citybuilding mechanics” and seems to follow the same visual style as other Digital Chocolate games like Zombie Lane and Millionaire City.

So far, games on Google+ have not been a huge driver, but it certainly feels like Google is taking their time before rolling them out.  It’s harder to remember now, but when Facebook first came out with their games, the entire network became extremely spammy, and there was a big backlash from users whose inboxes were now flooded with requests to tend virtual farms and find virtual cows.  Google+ likely wants to keep that at bay while they get a grip on who their main demographic is.

If the latest reports are correct, that would mean that they have mostly male players at this point, and that’s why a game like Gangs of Boomtown is more appropriate for the audience.  According to Mark Dooley, Digital Chocolate’s VP of Marketing:

“In general, we want to learn from the diverse set of people on Google, but also the avid game players on Google+, and this information will be valuable to us as we not only refine this game, but also develop others for the platform.”

For an analysis of the game including a small chat with Google+’s engineering director about the role of games on the network, check out the full blog post at ISG.