Google Explores Mobile Network Options

Google continues to keep everyone guessing with regard to their mobile plans. CNET News just posted a detailed analysis of the company’s efforts to date. Essentially, Google is taking a multi-pronged approach to going mobile. It’s normally a smart move to keep your options open, but in this case, Google seems to be simultaneously partnering and competing with major cell phone carriers.

There are three possibilities in play. Google recently announced that they’re joining with Sprint to create a next-generation data network. At the same time, the company also announced plans to bid in the Federal Communications Commission’s upcoming 700MHz wireless spectrum auction, as CNET News reports. Furthermore, Google is “continuing with its plans to build free citywide WiFi networks in San Francisco and Mountain View, California,” which affects laptop users the most, but could potentially drive more folks to buy WiFi-equipped cellphones as well.

It’s a sorted state of affairs with a huge payoff, given Google’s extensive ad revenue model and the fact that it owns YouTube lock, stock, and barrel.

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