Google+ For Business [Infographic]

A growing audience and a powerful search engine are two reasons that Google+ is becoming a useful social network for brands. This infographic shows how to use the network to benefit your business.

With 90 million users on Google+, the social network is still behind Facebook’s 845 million monthly active users, but the Google+ audience seems to be loyal. Sixty percent of them log in every day, compared to the 20 percent of users who log in daily on Twitter.

In this infographic, Internet marketing company BlueGlass takes a look at how people share information through their circles and what kinds of information they’d like to see from companies who have pages on the site.

The users seemed to like a mix of magazine-style content and responsive customer service. How-to videos were popular choices, as were links to other information the targeted demographic might like to see.  Keep in mind that the ideal ratio between on-topic and off-topic content is 80/20.

The biggest benefit was, of course, the effect of Google’s new social layer on the search results. Find out more about expanding your circles here:

Infographic by BlueGlass via Chris Brogan.

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