Google+ Gets Mobile Web Facelift

In a post from Google’s Tom Charytoniuk, Google announced a new design for Google+ on the mobile web as well as translations into over 60 locales.  The new design loads quickly and is easy to read — the home stream uses a more vertical spacing that allows you to easily browse various posts from your contacts.  Check out more details about the redesign below.

As you can see in the image below, the new site leverages a top bar that allows you to view your stream, your circles and what’s “nearby” with just a click.  You can’t actually swipe across but hey nobody’s perfect.  The images for posts are typically below the text, which definitely enhances the readability of posts.  Not visible on this image is the notifications button on the top right and the home button which brings you to your home page.  They are simple and effective navigation tools.

If you do click that home button, the home page is this second image below, and allows you to look at all sorts of different views of your contact list, including the “photos” view which lets you look at photos “from your circles” in a neat organized way.  In fact, I’d go ahead and say due to the lack of any distracting floating buttons or strange menus, this mobile web app may be more readable than the Gmail or Facebook web apps.  Kudos to the Google+ team and read more at the Google+ post about the update here.