Google Gives Rare Peek Into Its Meetings

At times, it seems like an outright mystery what will make the Google gods happy. What keywords are really going to make your article jump to the top of a search page? How much does spelling matter? What elements make up the secret sauce?

That is all about to change. Google is making a concerted effort to pull back the curtain and has started releasing videos of its internal weekly search meeting, “Quality Launch Review.” The move, says the YouTube video description, is part of the company’s “continued effort to be more transparent about how search works.”

The first video shows Google developers discussing an algorithmic improvement to its spell correction system. To help out the non-techies, the video has annotations explaining the complex, technical bits. There are also fun, random nuggets of information thrown in about the various Google staff speaking in the video.

According to a tweet from Google’s Twitter account, this is the first time the company has unveiled anything like this. The video is just over eight minutes long, and the title says it is the annotated version. However, a longer version doesn’t seem to have been uploaded to the Google YouTube channel. The company also didn’t say how often it will be posting these videos;  so far, this is the only one.

I’m a bit surprised that we haven’t heard more about this move from Google. Originally published on Jan. 30,  the video has only received a little more than 300 views, so maybe a lot of people don’t know about this yet.

It’s quite exciting to have an inside peak into one of, if not the, most popular search engines. Are you interested in watching these videos?

(h/t @Wired)