Google Mail Enhanced for iPhone and Google Android

Google announced…
Gmail gets a new engine for iPhone and Android-powered devices
While the new web-based Gmail for iPhone and Android looks and feels more like a client-side app, its web-ness still shows in a couple of places. For example, screens elements like buttons seem to leap around the screen when moving from, for example, the message list to a specific messagse. And, the Archive/Delete/More buttons at the top of each mail message jitters on the screen when scrolling through a message. That said, this is a huge leap forward in web-based email management on mobile devices.
One small feature that I really liked is not part of Google Mail at all. It is the “more” link at the top right of the mail Google mobile web page. In the past, touching it led you to a screen of icons of various Google web services. Pressing it now presents a smooth drop-down menu of web services. I really like this small but functional change.

YouTube video courtesy of GoogleMobileBlog