Google+ Traffic Up 55% — Hits 49M Visits in December

Experian Hitwise tweeted last night about Google+’s latest coup — a 55% traffic increase in December over November.  We recently reported on a study about Google having up to 62 million users (the report was based on a surname average estimate, interesting stuff) and that study had also suspected that Google+ had blown up in December.  Now we know it’s definitely true, and the big question is whether this trend will continue.

As we can see from Experian’s traffic image below, Google+ is very close to hitting the 50,000,000 visits mark, which is double what they had over the course of September and flat October.

Google spent a lot of time releasing upgrades for Google Plus in December, so it’s difficult to tell whether it’s their new features or just the network effect that’s causing the traffic increase.  I personally have a group of friends that seems to be conversing on Google+ as if it’s their own social network.  This reminds me of when Twitter was still early, as well.

Do you think Google Plus will continue this growth pattern?

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