Star Magazine Tops Gossip Cop’s 2014 ‘Busted’ List

This is something our friends at Gossip Cop should have been publicly sharing long before The Year Justin Bieber Never Bought a Gulfstream. The site’s comprehensive list of which glossy magazines and tabloid websites stepped in it most frequently over the course of 24/7/365.2.

Just how many stories did Star magazine have to botch in order to claim the site’s dastardly 2014 distinction? What other outlets were most skilled this past year at “gossip wrongering?” You’ll have to click through to find out. But to whet your gutter appetite, here is a trifecta of related highlights shared by Shari Weiss in the year-ender:

In Touch ran quite possibly the year’s most despicable cover in August, proclaiming to go “inside” Robin Williams’ “final hours.” The magazine claimed to know the entertainer’s last words, and declared he “left a number of suicide notes.” It was grossly and entirely made up.

In Touch was also responsible for a series of stories designed to exploit the nude photo hacking, and was caught using a fabricated photo, purportedly of Kim Kardashian struggling to fit into her wedding dress, on a May cover.

As the above Williams transgressions and another Gossip Cop-busted Enquirer cover story involving Philip Seymour Hoffman remind, even in death there is no escaping these jokers.

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.
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