Governor of Poker 3: Multiplayer Launches on iOS, Android

Governor of Poker 3Youda Games has announced the release of Governor of Poker 3: Multiplayer on iOS and Android devices. This newest title in the popular poker franchise is the first game in the series to be built from the ground up for mobile devices (rather than being ported from PC), and is the first to offer an often-requested multiplayer mode for users to play against others from around the world.

Governor of Poker 3 offers Texas Hold’Em poker gameplay at a variety of table styles, including five-hand and eight-hand tables, turbo tables, heads-up tables and more. Users can enter multi-table tournaments with thousands of other players for a chance to win large virtual jackpots, with players unlocking the majority of these tables as they progress through the game.

Players start with access to tables in the rookie and beginners areas of the game, but will eventually unlock areas for high rollers and pros as well. Gamers receive free chips every few hours to ensure they’ll always be able to play the game for free. New chips can also be purchased with real money.

During each actual hand of basic poker, players create the best hand of five cards possible while checking, betting or raising on each turn. The game offers intention buttons for checking or folding away a hand instantly, or calling any amount that may be on the table when the game moves around to them. Users’ turns are timed, and the game will automatically fold a player’s hand when they’re away from the game during their turn.

Players earn experience points as they win hands, and will unlock achievements by completing specific in-game tasks. These may include winning a large number of chips over time, busting other players, spending premium currency, logging in multiple days in a row, and so on. The rewards for these achievements come in the form of additional experience points and free premium currency.

This premium currency can be spent on 2x XP boosts, which doubles the amount of XP players earn for a limited amount of time. Users can also spend real money on customization options for their character, including new hats, shirts and pins (the game is played from an overhead perspective).

Governor of Poker 3 is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

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